Garageband – Musical Typing


Today we will use the computer keyboard as a musical one, and record and edit our playing.  This is an important feature in Garageband!


Celebration of Learning

Tonight!  May 19th from 6-7 PM

The band will perform in an open rehearsal beginning at 6:15 at the compass

Here’s the video that we will share of our accomplishments and projects from the year…


The Hand That Feeds (NIN) mashup/stems project:

“Fluffo” – grade 7

Plunge!  – Grade 7 percussion ensemble

Poetry Night

The students of Barnard School recited poems last evening, in a wonderful showcase of hard work and learning.  Check it out!



Instrument Sounds and Composing

Today we will explore how instruments sound, using this website:


Ms Wooten will ask you to listen to specific sounds.


Today we will also use a website program, “Compose Your Own Music”  to help us compose with notes and rhythms.  You can find it here:

Music Games

Ms Wooten will help you with both!  Good Luck!




Isle of Tune

This week we will explore a very neat website that will help us think about composing in new ways.  It is called:

Isle of Tune

Mrs. Wooten will explain how to use it in class!  Unknown


Happy to be in Barnard School Music Class!

And here we are!

Happy to be in Music Class

In the next few weeks we will be talking about music and video production.  What better way than to create our own “Happy” video?  Stay tuned…



May 19th Celebration of Learning



The evening of Monday May 19th will be a terrific showcase of so many of our students’ work!  This week we will begin documenting, filming, and recording our progress and work for this event.

To include:

Boomwhacker compostitions

Film soundtrack edits

instrumental music performances

drumming circles

folk dances


Stay tuned as we share highlights of the spring semester here, and prepare for that evening!


Substitute Music Plans

Dear Students,

I will be home today, and you will be in the lab with a substitute teacher.

Please use the following plans – depending on what grade you are in.  You will all be in the lab (except for grades 1-2)

Grade 8 period two: (9:15)

Last week you downloaded the MIDI “Ode to Joy” for a mashup.

This week I would like you to download TWO MIDI files of your choice, use them both in one song, and add loops and change the sounds.  Be as creative as possible.

Go to the music tech page here, and the “classical remix” there are additional links.

MDI files can be found here: classicalmidiconnection

To Download a MIDI file on MAC: use “alt” and click on the MIDI link.  The file with an mid extension will appear in your downloads – move it to the desktop and open with garageband into a new “loops” project.  Make sure to put your last name in the project.

This should take 2 class periods – at the end of the day please convert the file to an Mp3 in iTunes (“share” in garageband) and email to as an attachment.

Grade 7:

Last week you finished up your alphabet loops project.  For today, I would like you to create one basic mashup with loops in garageband.

1. Open garage band new project “loops”

2. name it with your last name and a title

3. your final composition should use at least 5 tracks, clip and repeat the loops.

4.  you may work on this project in groups or pairs if you would like – please help the newest ember of our class who has not had as much experience as you yet with garageband!

5.  save your work – if you are able, convert it to iTunes Mp3 and send it to as an attachment.

Grade 5-6

You will have a “free day” with the following:

garageband: make a new song using loops, or mashup a favorite song from iTunes or youtube.

use iMovie to make a film to accompany one of your previous songs

use the following programs:

incredibox – inudge – beatlab – tonematrix ….. all which can be found here on the website’s sidebar

Grade 3-4

Please use garageband to continue working on your songs with loops from last week, or use incredibox.

Grade 1-2 will watch “stomp” in the classroom.

Send me your creations!  I hope to see you soon.

Ms. Wooten





Composing for multiple mediums – in all grades this week!

This week all of our classes will continue to talk about composing music in different ways.

Grades 5 and 6 will compose for boomwhackers, and we will film their creations and performances and share them here.

Grades 3 and 4 will learn the basics of Garageband, using loops to create a short song that will be shared together in one larger song.

Grade 8 will create a “mashup” of a popular classical tune, changing the style and tempo.  We will learn how to download and convert a MIDI file in Garageband for this purpose.

Grade 7 is composing new percussion ensembles, unsung found percussion instruments of their choice.

Grades 1 and 2 have been learning about “Carnival of the Animals” – a piece of music with different parts that describe animals in musical ways.  We will begin composing our own “Carnival” this week, choosing our own animals, and the sounds that might best represent them.

Stay tuned for the fantastic results – and we will also share these creations at the Barnard School Celebration of Learning on May 19th!