Star Wars – the message in the music

Have you seen the movie Star Wars?  Have you noticed how important the sound effects are, and the soundtrack?

Star Wars – Race Scene

Is the film as effective with a different kind of music or sounds?

Silent Star Wars

In this project, you will add your own music and sounds – to achieve an effect that is funny, or calm, or scary – you decide!

Download this film:

A New Hope (excerpt) using Clipconverter to capture an MOV file, and place it on your desktop.

Open a new garageband movie project, drag in the film, remove the soundtrack, and add your own music and effects.  Ms. Wooten will give you some advice and suggestions.

You may also download more sound effects for use in this project, at SoundJay

If you would like to choose a different clip, you may want to choose an episode of

Dr Who from the BBC

“silly symphony” cartoon from Disney

Lego Batman

Please have Ms Wooten approve your choice of film before you download!




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