Incredibox Mashup in Garageband


In all of our music tech classes this year we will discover looping and layering with an online tool called Incredibox. You may also find it in the sidebar links on every page here.

Incredibox allows you to mix your own beats and melodies together.  Experiment with the sounds.  Is it better to have all the sounds at once?  Can you create a song in ABA form?

As an extension of this lesson, we will load these sounds (called stems) as mp3’s into garageband to layer, loop, and edit them.  For this assignment:

  • You must use at least 5 tracks
  • You may not have all tracks playing (full) all the time
  • You may clip and shorten a stem
  • You may loop a stem to create a new sound to layer in your song
  • Your new song must be at least one minute in length

Whenit is complete, please download to iTunes as an mp3 and send to as an attachment when it is complete from your google mail account.  You will have TWO class periods to create and complete this mix.

The link to the download stems is here on Youtube. Please follow Mrs. Wooten’s directions for downloading onto the music desktop on your lab computer.


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