Edison Phonograph “mashup”

“I am the Edison Phonograph” (youtube link)

History of the Edison Phonograph

Edison Phonograph from Kathleen on Vimeo.

An advertisement for the Edison phonograph. The recording is believed to have been made in 1888 with Len Spencer speaking. This recording comes from an Edison two-minute wax special advertising record issued in 1906, which was provided to dealers as a demonstration record for Edison cylinder machines. The recording begins with the words “I am the Edison phonograph.”

You will use this recording to create an “Edison phonograph” mash-up in garageband.  Mrs. Wooten will explain the details of the project, and how it is to be graded.  We will use the public domain recording linked here.

Here’s the text:

“I am the Edison phonograph, created by the great wizard of the New World to delight those who would have melody or be amused. I can sing you tender songs of love. I can give you merry tales and joyous laughter. I can transport you to the realms of music. I can cause you to join in the rhythmic dance. I can lull the babe to sweet repose, or waken in the aged heart soft memories of youthful days.

No matter what may be your mood, I am always ready to entertain you. When your day’s work is done, I can bring the theater or the opera to your home. I can give you grand opera, comic opera or vaudeville. I can give you sacred or popular music, dance, orchestra or instrumental music. I can render solos, duets, trios, quartets. I can aid in entertaining your guests. When your wife is worried after the cares of the day, and the children are boisterous, I can rest the one and quiet the other. I never get tired and you will never tire of me, for I always have something new to offer.

I give pleasure to all, young and old. I will go wherever you want me, in the parlor, in the sickroom, on the porch, in the camp or to your summer home. If you sing or talk to me, I will retain your songs or words, and repeat them to you at your pleasure. I can enable you to always hear the voices of your loved ones, even though they are far away. I talk in every language. I can help you to learn other languages. I am made with the highest degree of mechanical skill. My voice is the clearest, smoothest and most natural of any talking machine. The name of my famous master is on my body, and tells you that I am a genuine Edison phonograph.

The more you become acquainted with me, the better you will like me. Ask the dealer…..”

What is a musical parody?

We will be exploring how it has been used in modern times, and by classical composers of our past.

Links for our exploration:

“Snakes are Born this Way” – Boston Conservatory Charter School

Ohio University

Here’s an original song by the group Yvlis

and how has this been creatively changed?

What Does George Fox Say?

What Does the Farmer Say?

What Does John Locke Say?

Stay tuned for postings of our finished student projects!

Music Websites for Students (livebinder)

Some helpful links and tutorials for garageband:

Beginner Tutorials

Basic Podcasting

All you need to know about Garageband in a PDF document (we will start at page 30 for our beginner class)


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