Composer/Performer Podcast Project

This podcast will contain:

at least 2 minutes of scripted text including answers to the following questions: (please save these in a google doc)

  • birth (and death?) dates of this person?
  • why is this person is considered famous?
  • what instrument did he/she play?
  • what are some of this person’s best known works?
  • what style of music did this person compose or play? did that change throughout his/her lifetime?
  • what are three obvious characteristics of his/her music?

Musical excerpts – 5 small samples of music (less than 30 seconds each) – they should fit with your podcast, and illustrate your facts – see Mrs. Wooten for download instruction and copyright information.

Pictures – at least 5 – to be inserted in key places of the “enhanced podcast” in garageband.

Your audience will be younger students (grade 4 and up) that may not have heard of your composer/performer.  You should write for an audience requiring general knowledge.


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