Classical remix

In our next series of classes, you will be asked to “remix” a classical theme.  You may add a drum beat, change the voice, change the tempo, and add sound effects.  Your remix needs to be at least 1 minute in total length (it can be longer!)

Our first project will use the piece Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield (scroll down to “O” on page – download MIDI file and open in garageband)

Our next project will be a short classical work of your choice selected from the Classical MIDI Collection– please check with Mrs. Wooten before downloading.

Here’s some examples for inspiration:

Beethoven 5 remix

Fur Elise

Carmina Burana Techno

Mozart Symphony No. 40 Theme

You will select and download a MIDI file of a well known classical work.  You may download two and combine them.  You may select from the following:

Beethoven: Ode to Joy

Tchaikovsky: March from the Nutcracker

Rimsky-Korsakov: The Flight of the Bumblebee

Vivaldi: “Spring” from The Four Seasons

Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusic

OR you may choose your own classical MIDI file here with Mrs. Wooten’s approval!

Please remember that you must download the MIDI file to be used in garageband – NOT the Mp3 (Itunes).

To Download a MIDI file on MAC: use “alt” and click on the link.  The file with an mid extension will appear in your downloads – move it to the desktop and open with garageband.


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