“How Tos”

How do I?….. (some tips for using our programs)


How do I import a .mov file into imovie, to clip and edit, from my desktop or a thumb drive?

So you have downloaded a .mov clip, from the internet or other source (such as your poetry night video from Ms. Wooten).

1. Make sure the file is on the desktop (a .mov file, or .M4v).

2. Open imovie

3. go to “new project” – create – and name and create a new project to load the movie into

4. in the imovie menu – go to file – import – movies…

5. Select “large” (that is large enough resolution without being too big)

6. you will now see a picture of all the files on your computer – go to your desktop and select the file.

7. select “import” – imovie will load the film into a usable format for editing and it will add “thumbnail” shots for easier use.

8.  you may then select just the section of the film you wish, drag it into the editing window, and “save to itunes”.

You now have a smaller section of film – to be further edited, or opened in garageband for adding sound effects and music.  Congratulations!

How do I find and use sound effects not already in garageband?

1. Go to a free sound effects site (such as SoundJay)

2. listen to sounds you might like to use

3. click on the Mp3 link (choose this Mp3 option is possible – it saves you a step)

4. the sound will upload into your download files and open in itunes

5. in Garageband, search your itunes files for the sound

6. drag into a new “basic” track

7. Mark as a “favorite” if you will be using it often!

**** remember you do not need to use a specific sound labeled for what you might need.  Some students have found great luck making “crash” sounds from volcano eruptions, or dinosaur calls, for example.  Be creative!  Listen to the sound, do not be limited by the name someone else assigned to it!






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