Working with Video – “Fluffo”


Orignal Video

Mrs Wooten’s “new” version

This lesson is our first try at editing video in Garageband, adding sound effects and jingles, loops, and other music.

For our first project, you will all use the same short commercial.  It is a public commercial, available under public domain license.

Download ONE of these commercials on this page.  Please make sure they are SHORT.

Or Download ONE of these Fluffo commercials on this page.

Hold down “alt” – and click on the MPEG4 link.  This will download a correct version onto your computer.  Move it to the desktop.

Open a “video” project in Garageband

Drag the MPEG4 link into the project

Delete the existing soundtrack

Add your own sounds and music (Ms Wooten will help with this part)

Save and export as an Movie file to Itunes – and send as an attachment to from your gmail account.

This will take at least 2 class periods.

*** Second assignment

Now it’s your turn to select a commercial that appeals to you.  Please download and edit in the same way.

Commercials to download


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